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U Mobile and ZTE Announce Strategic Partnership To Build a 100 Mbps Wireless Network in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, 15th March 2011 – U Mobile and ZTE have signed an agreement to bring 100 Mbps wireless network across key cities in Malaysia. The agreement is a two pronged development which will see U Mobile extending its 42 Mbps mobile network in Central, Negeri Sembilan and the Northern region by the 2nd half of this year and the installation of LTE platforms which has the potential to achieve 100 Mbps across Malaysia soon.

The signing ceremony was graced with a traditional twist as Yang Berhormat Dato' Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim, Minister of Information, Communication and Culture of Malaysia and H.E Mr. Chai Xi, the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Malaysia, were treated to a symbolic cultural exchange presentation when they witnessed Dr. Kaizad Heerjee, Chief Executive Officer of U Mobile and Mr. Zheng Bang, President of Asia-Pacific region of ZTE Corporation exchange signatures on a traditional Chinese Xuan Paper, using traditional Chinese brushes today – an act that affirms the collaboration between two parties.

In view of this strategic partnership, U Mobile is seen to be taking the way forward in providing the latest wireless technology for the country. Within the next 12 months, one should see an upgrade of U Mobile's 42 Mbps to 84 Mbps capability. A user's internet experience is likely to be ten times faster than the current rate.

What is even more exciting is that ZTE has also recently completed a successful pilot run of the Long Term Evolution (LTE), a technology that is known to support 100 Mbps. The readiness of this technology simply defines that once the spectrum is made available and device is readily available for the public, access to 100 Mbps is simply a stone throw away – it is no longer a far-fetched dream to browse, download and connect on the net in speedy moments.

The large-scale deployment of this high-speed wireless network is yet another proactive pioneering effort from U Mobile to further support the Government's national agenda themed the Economic Transformation Program ETP, 10th and 11th Malaysia Plans, of which constant improvement of broadband access is one of the key growth drivers.

"We are very pleased to have ZTE as our strategic partner to enhance and extend our 3G high speed network from the Central Region to other major cities and areas across Malaysia," said Dr Kaizad Heerjee, Chief Executive Officer of U Mobile. He added: "Together with ZTE, we aim to showcase several new innovations and deliver the benefits of the highest speed mobile broadband service to our customers. The introduction of this mobile broadband network is a strategic impetus to our ambition of becoming a major player in Malaysia's fast-growing mobile data market."

Mr. Zheng Bang President of Asia-Pacific region of ZTE Corporation , stated that "Malaysia is an important market for ZTE in the Asia-Pacific region. ZTE is committed to working with U Mobile to offer the fastest speed mobile broadband service in Malaysia and make U Mobile a showcase through our state-of-the-art technology and solutions, as well as excellent customer services and engineering capabilities."

U Mobile subscribers will soon enjoy and experience ease of files transfer and streaming of high quality video to mobile devices and laptop, among others with fastest broadband service at a cost effective rate.




















在WiMAX甫推出之際,除了北美Sprints以外,包括日本、台灣、韓國、印度以及俄羅斯等地亦紛紛響應,而俄羅斯Yota也常常成為WiMAX Forum拿來舉例的好榜樣,不過隨著LTE可預期的快速竄起,Intel本身的跳票等原因,WiMAX的4G夢似乎越走越不順遂。而一度成為模範生的俄羅斯Yota電信在近日與同數俄羅斯電信業者的Beeline、Megafon、MTS、Rostelekom簽署協議,將統一以WiMAX LTE 技術作為未來電信技術的發展方針,並且預計在2014年俄羅斯的LTE將涵蓋180個都市,服務七千萬人人口。

看來這下WiMAX的版圖又要再次縮減,而且印度的BSNL也傳出開始考慮LTE,日本方面的LTE WiMAX發展亦不順遂,相較幾年前WiMAX Forum歡天喜地宣佈正式商用化的情景,真是不勝歔欷。

Russia puts clocks on to summertime all the time

Russia puts clocks on to summertime all the time
By Roland Oliphant in Moscow 5:07PM BST 27 Mar 2011

Moscow will remain three hours ahead of London in summer, and four hours ahead in winter when British Summer Time ends.

President Dmitry Medvedev issued a decree in February abolishing Russian Winter time, saying that the twice annual adjusting of clocks was "associated with stress and illness" and "upsets the human biorhythm." Mr Medvedev argues that an extra hour of sunlight in the afternoon during the long winters would also benefit business and reduce crime.

"And that's not to mention the poor cows who don't understand when milk maids are coming to milk them," he said when announcing the move last month.

Winter time will barely be missed. A poll by the Levada Center, an independent polling group, found that 63 per cent of Russians backed the move.

Last year Mr Medvedev cut the number of Russia's time zones to nine from eleven in a bid to improve the efficiency of government and to help businesses to save money. The move caused protests in Kamchatka, where residents resented being moved from nine to eight hours ahead of Moscow. But the president wants to go further and has speculated about eventually reducing the number of time zones to five.

星洲日報/國際 2011-03-29 10:37








永久夏令時間 俄羅斯不再調時鐘了
【聯合報╱編譯卓佳萍/報導】 2011.03.29 03:13 am

俄羅斯27日起實施夏令時間,根據總統麥維德夫(Dmitry Medvedev)2月的命令,往後全國將「永久」沿用夏令時間,秋天時民眾不必再調整時鐘,這也表示莫斯科時間將永久比格林威治標準時間快上4小時。







俄罗斯欲永久使用夏令时 63%民众支持






[450D]2011/02/24 taipei flora expo


經部:風電換核電 得砸兆元

經部:風電換核電 得砸兆元
【經濟日報╱記者徐碧華/台北報導】2011.03.24 03:04 am






Internet Explorer 9 正式版發佈







[450D]2011/02/05 Tamron A005 隨拍

[450D]2011/02/04 Tamron A005 隨拍

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觀光客在德國行納粹軍禮 被逮捕

新頭殼newtalk 2011.02.28 洪聖斐/編譯報導


英國《衛報》(the Telegraph)昨日報導,這名30歲的加拿大男子到德國觀光,在位於柏林的帝國議會前行納粹軍禮,他29歲的女友替他照相。幾秒鐘內,德國警察就來到他身邊,將他上手銬,拿走相機中的記憶卡。依據德國法律,這個行為可以判處6個月以下的徒刑,但德國警方只將他拘留幾個小時,就放他走了。



行納粹軍禮 加人德國會前遭逮

有歐洲媒體報導說,一名加拿大遊客在德國柏林國會前做出納粹軍禮(Nazi Salute)的動作後遭逮捕。





Berlin: Tourist arrested after giving Hitler salute
Ynet Published: 02.28.11, 19:02 / Israel News

Canadian tourist's fun and games taken seriously by local authorities after an attempt to stage a Monty Python-esque sketch in front of Reichstag leads to arrest

Hundreds of the tourists who visit Berlin's Reichstag every year seem to believe that if they impersonate Adolf Hitler and his henchmen, as done by the Monty Python crew with incredible success, they too will receive applause from adoring crowds.

What they fail to understand is that impersonating any Nazi gestures or using any Nazi regime symbols is illegal in Germany and is considered a severe crime with a punishment that includes imprisonment.

A 30-year-old Canadian tourist who visited the Reichstag and had apparently overlooked German laws and regulations and wished to make other visitors to the popular tourist attraction laugh, asked his girlfriend to film him while he gave a Heil Hitler salute.

It took less than a minute before policemen walked up to the Quebec resident and proceeded to handcuff and arrest him. The police also confiscated his digital camera's memory card Britain's Daily Mail reported on Monday.

The Canadian tourist now stands to be prosecuted for carrying out a 'forbidden gesture' and if convicted could be imprisoned for up to six months. Nevertheless, it is estimated that he will not be prosecuted but will be forced to pay a fine. Local media later reported that the tourist was released on bail a few hours after his arrest.

'You can call him a b*****d and you can give him the finger, but you cannot do that,' a German police officer said in response to the arrest.

Arresting foreign citizens over Nazi salutes has occurred in the past in Germany. Three years ago a British businessman gave the salute to a Cologne airport employee and was arrested within 90 seconds by police at the scene.,7340,L-4035691,00.html