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Delta CEO pushes Japan Airlines deal

Delta CEO pushes Japan Airlines deal
By Kelly Yamanouchi The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Delta chief executive Richard Anderson pushed the benefits of a deal with Japan Airlines in a message to employees Friday.

Atlanta-based Delta and its SkyTeam alliance are trying to lure JAL away from its marketing alliance with American Airlines. They are offering $1 billion in financial assistance to JAL as it restructures.

“We are No. 1 between Japan and Europe. We’re No. 1 between Japan and the U.S.,” Anderson said. “There’s no doubt that Delta and SkyTeam are the strongest partners for Japan Airlines.”

Anderson said Delta, which recently merged with trans-Pacific power Northwest Airlines, carries about 7,500 passengers daily between the United States and Japan, while American and JAL carry fewer than 1,400 daily.

If JAL joined SkyTeam, Delta and other members carriers could offer seats on JAL flights, as well as carry passengers booked by JAL on theirs. Such alliances aim to cement flier loyalties and share in the revenue they generate.

Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services on Friday said Delta and SkyTeam’s proposal to JAL -- including $500 million of capital from SkyTeam, a $300 million revenue guarantee and $200 million of asset-backed funding -- would not affect Delta’s credit ratings or outlook.

However, S&P said that once an “Open Skies” U.S.-Japan aviation treaty is completed, antitrust immunity for Delta and JAL “could prove more challenging than a similar request from American and JAL” because Delta now has authority to fly routes to and beyond Japan, while American does not.

Antitrust immunity enables airline marketing partners to move beyond simple marketing ties and coordinate on pricing and services.

Anderson downplayed the risk that a Delta-JAL deal would not gain antitrust immunity.

“The DOT has approved every antitrust immunity it’s received,” Anderson said. “We shouldn’t be discussing the regulatory issues, we ought to be discussing long-term commercial, underlying business.”

American said it has its own “value proposition” to JAL , calling it “superior in every way.” American said it is confident its partnership with JAL can get antitrust immunity.

The Air Line Pilots Association at Delta backs the SkyTeam-JAL deal. Union chairman Lee Moak this week said the deal would help “enhance the job security and long-term career prospects of our pilots.”

Delta, SkyTeam may plow $1 billion into JAL
By Christopher Hinton

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- Delta Air Lines and its SkyTeam alliance partners intend to offer Japan Airlines Corp. $1.02 billion in funding to lure the troubled carrier from rival American Airlines and the Oneworld alliance, according to news reports Wednesday. The offer follows weeks of posturing by both airlines, which are eager to use JAL as an entryway to the fast-growing Asia market. Delta's proposal includes $500 million from SkyTeam, a $300 million guarantee from Delta, $200 million in asset-backed funding, and $20 million to cover any transitional costs, the reports stated, citing Delta documents from a news conference in Tokyo. Meanwhile, American is looking to team up with private-equity firm TPG to fund JAL, which is also considering bankruptcy and a government bailout package. American is a unit of AMR Corp.

AMR Says Offer for Japan Air Is at Advanced Stage
By Kiyotaka Matsuda

Nov. 19 (Bloomberg) -- American Airlines said preparations for an investment in Japan Airlines Corp. are at an advanced stage after Delta Air Lines Inc. announced a package of incentives to lure the Asian carrier into a new alliance.

Japan Air, as the airline is known, would face a regulatory risk in leaving American’s Oneworld group and joining Delta’s SkyTeam, Theo Panagiotoulias, American’s Pacific director, told reporters today in Tokyo.

Delta and AMR Corp.’s American, the world’s two biggest airlines, are vying for access to JAL’s routes in its home country and in China, Asia’s largest air-travel market. Atlanta- based Delta unveiled its $1 billion proposal yesterday, while American hasn’t detailed its plan to keep JAL in Oneworld.

“American has much at stake in maintaining an alliance with JAL,” Standard & Poor’s credit analysts Betsy Snyder and Philip Baggaley said today in a statement. “By itself, it does not have a large presence in the Pacific market. Therefore, if Oneworld cannot keep JAL in the alliance, it risks material loss of revenues in the Pacific.”

People familiar with the matter have said American and private-equity firm TPG Inc. may offer as much as 130 billion yen ($1.47 billion) to JAL, which is seeking a government rescue and new investors after losses in three of the last four years.

JAL probably will stay in Oneworld, Dow Jones reported, citing Vice President Shuta Saito. The Tokyo-based carrier will make a decision after agreeing on how to restructure itself with Japanese government aid, Dow Jones reported.

Sze Hunn Yap, a spokeswoman at Japan Air, declined to confirm or deny Saito’s comment. Charley Wilson, a spokesman for American, declined to comment in order to “respect the JAL restructuring process.”

Oneworld’s Response

American’s Oneworld partners are preparing their own proposals, which would be offered along with the plan from American and TPG, to help persuade JAL to stay. There is no schedule for making details public, Oneworld Managing Director John McCulloch said today in an interview from Vancouver.

“A lot of this is moving around, almost by the day,” he said. Other Oneworld airlines aren’t considering equity investments, and instead would help through strengthened alliances, McCulloch said.

Should JAL leave Oneworld in favor of Delta’s SkyTeam alliance, regulatory approval for antitrust immunity “could prove more challenging” because Delta already has the largest presence among U.S. carriers that serve Tokyo, S&P wrote today in a separate note.

The proposed investments by American and Delta wouldn’t affect either carrier’s debt ratings or outlook, S&P said.

Delta fell 17 cents, or 2.2 percent, to $7.59 at 4:15 p.m. in New York Stock Exchange composite trading, while AMR dropped 22 cents, or 3.8 percent, to $5.55. AMR and TPG are both based in Fort Worth, Texas.


Windows 7提高了螢幕觸控支援和手寫辨識,支援虛擬硬碟,改善多核心處理器的運作效率,開機速度和核心改進。增加的功能大致上包括:支援多個顯示卡、新版本的Windows Media Center(12)、一個供Windows Media Center使用的桌面小工具、增強的音訊功能、內建的XPS和Windows PowerShell以及一個包含了新模式且支援單位轉換的新版小算盤。另外,其控制台也增加了不少新項目:ClearType文字調整工具、顯示器色彩校正精靈、桌面小工具、系統還原、疑難排解、工作空間中心(Workspaces Center)、認證管理員、系統圖示和顯示。舊有的Windows 資訊安全中心被更名為「Windows 行動作業中心」,它有保護電腦資訊安全的功能。...

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谷歌擬周四舉辦Chrome OS會議:披露部分資料

谷歌擬周四舉辦Chrome OS會議:披露部分資料

北京新浪網 (2009-11-18 08:25)

  新浪科技訊 北京時間11月18日早間消息,據國外媒體今日報導,谷歌表示,該公司將於周四上午在公司總部舉辦一次與Chrome OS相關的會議,披露部分技術資料和『完整概況』,展示部分功能。

  谷歌產品管理副總裁桑達‧皮採(Sundar Pichai)和負責Chrome OS的技術總監馬修‧帕帕其普斯(Matthew Papakipos)將在這次會議上發言,並回答與會者提問。

  之前有消息稱,谷歌計劃本周發布至少一部分Chrome OS。儘管谷歌可能在這次會議上發布部分Chrome OS,但要到明年才能發布完整版本。

  谷歌今年7月份首次公布了開發Chrome OS的消息,但沒有披露詳細資料。(志翔)

Google Chrome OS event this Thursday: beta release to follow?
By Chris Davies on Wednesday, Nov 18th 2009

Last Friday the rumor machine said Google Chrome OS, the open-source OS for netbooks, would drop in seven days time. That’s looking all the more likely today, with Google apparently sending out invitations to a Chrome OS event to be held on Thursday. According to GigaOm, Google are describing the event as “an update on our progress with Google Chrome OS” together with discussing “launch plans for next year”; that’s leading to speculation that a beta release is in the offing.

On the bill for the event are Sundar Pichai, Google VP of Product Management together with Matthew Papakipos, engineering director for Google Chrome OS. The expectation is that Google will announce a test beta for either partial or full release, to gather feedback and bug reports prior to the official launch in 2010. Such a plan would give hardware developers time to create new drivers, a shortage of which has been pointed to as a potential stumbling block for the web-centric platform.

Google Chrome OS is targeted at netbooks and other low-power devices, and focuses on bringing webapps to a cut-down and simplistic desktop. Users would be expected to keep most of their content in cloud-based storage, while the differentiating line between local and remote applications would be blurred with HTML5 and other technologies.

Google to Demo Chrome OS This Week, Launch in 2010
by Mark Hachman

Google will demonstrate its Chrome OS in an event this Thursday, and deliver an overview on its launch plans for 2010, Google representatives said Tuesday.

Google invited to cover the launch on Thursday, which will be hosted by Sundar Pichai, vice president of product management, along with Matthew Papakipos, engineering director for Google Chrome OS.

"While this will be more of a technical announcement, we will be showing a few demos that will definitely be of interest to you as well as a complete overview and our launch plans for next year," a Google spokesperson said in an email.

Google will most likely be quizzed on the most popular questions surrounding the Chrome OS, as well as its hardware partners, which will include Acer, Hewlett-Packard and Adobe, among others. Google's partners were noncommittal when reached for comment earlier this year. Google will also have to answer questions about how the Chrome OS will interact with and complement Android, the mobile operating system whose popularity is growing rapidly.

If nothing else, however, Google seems to be keeping to the timetable set by chief executive Eric Schmidt, who promised "news" by the end of 2009. That news wasn't a leaked "Chrome OS" browser, however, which some have postulated might just be a thin framework for Web-based apps.,2817,2356034,00.asp

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