Phileas is a public transport concept for a high quality public transport, developed by Samenwerkingsverband Regio Eindhoven (SRE), Dutch for the Cooperation Foundation Eindhoven Region, along with some other companies. The concept consists of an advanced guided bus, that delivers high quality transportation - like trams - against a very low cost: the infrastructure is much cheaper, because of less maintenance - there are no rails and overhead lines. The project was created in the late 90s; there was a wish of showing the high technology level and technical knowledge in the Eindhoven area and to create jobs. From the beginning onwards, the Phileas project has cost several million euros, if not tens of millions of euros, including infrastructure changes.

Phileas is called after Phileas Fogg, the protagonist in the work Around the World in Eighty Days of Jules Verne because of the high speed and ability to be on time. There are rumours that say that the choice of the name has to do with the likeness with the name of Philips, the company that made Eindhoven prosper from the 1900s onwards....

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