Lewis Hamilton要在紅軍主場給Ferrari難看

Lewis Hamilton要在紅軍主場給Ferrari難看
Ibiza Wang Sep 11th 2008 11:00AM

眼見著已經到手的冠軍被一紙莫名奇妙的裁決書給否定,Lewis Hamilton真是氣得火冒三丈。在拿到FIA的仲裁判決書後,Lewis Hamilton表示他認為自己絕對沒有做錯任何事,而這紙判決也激起了Lewis Hamilton心中的怒火,這位英國車手毫不諱言,要在緊接著到來義大利站狠狠反擊Ferrari。

「當時我已經給了Kimi Raikkonen足夠的空間,他可以輕易地完成入彎動作,因為有足夠的寬度讓他通過,但是他把我逼到了緩衝區裡。」Lewis Hamilton如此表示。

本週末,F1義大利站將拉開戰幕,Monza是Ferrari的主場,比利時站的判決讓Lewis Hamilton下定決心,無論如何都要在Monza讓Ferrari吃不完兜著走。「這將會是一場非常激烈的比賽,我將會盡一切努力來迎接這場比賽,我知道自己有實力,而且表現穩定。我可以肯定的是,車隊將會一如既往地團結,我們會對Ferrari作出反擊。」Lewis Hamilton最後如此說到。

Hamilton heads into Ferrari backyard for Italian GP at Monza
Hamilton heads into Ferrari backyard for Italian GP at Monza
11:31 - 11 September 2008

LEWIS Hamilton will be looking to put his Belgian disappointment behind him and win at Monza.

McLaren are still awaiting news of their appeal against Herts hero Hamilton's demotion to a third-place finish at Spa-Francorchamps, but their attentions will switch to victory at rival Ferrari's home Italian Grand Prix.

Situated within picturesque wooded parkland 15km north of Milan, the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza remains Formula 1's perennial temple of speed.

And this Sunday's Santander Italian Grand Prix is almost certain to be the fastest race on the 2008 calendar.

Cars are set to reach top speeds of 340km/h and running at full-throttle for 80 per cent of each lap.

Hamilton, whose family live in Tewin, said: "People say Monza is just about power and top speed, but it's also a driver's track, which is why I like it.

"It's not as straightforward as it seems because you run with very low downforce, which means you rely heavily on the tyres and the car's mechanical grip.

"But you're also attacking the kerbs, which requires a softer set-up.

"You also need plenty of stability under braking and as much grip as possible for the corners.

"The key is to run the car as low to the track as possible without having it bottom out."

Following Hamilton's tussle with title rival and defending champion Kimi Raikkonen, which cost him the victory when he cut a chicane at the Belgian circuit, he remains focused on his race strategy and has already been working on his overtaking techniques.

He added: "If you're trying to pass somebody, you have to stay as close as possible through the last corner.

"If you can get a good tow out of Parabolica, then you can slipstream down the straight and have a look up the inside at Turn One.

"That's your best chance of making a move on someone.

"You can also try if you get a good exit from the first chicane and have a look up the inside into the second chicane, but that's not so easy."

Hamilton is two points ahead of Ferrari rival Felipe Massa in the World Drivers' Championship and will be hoping for a problem-free Italian Grand Prix to extend his overall lead.

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