Microsoft to push IE7 out via WSUS next month

Microsoft warned that it will push a new version of Internet Explorer 7 via Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) in February. Specifically, administrators who have set WSUS to automatically approve Update Rollups will need to disable the auto-approval rule before Feb. 12 to stop IE7 from being updated into their infrastructure.

As of last year, Microsoft removed the requirement of Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) validation from an Internet Explorer 7 installation, making it available to all Windows XP users. Microsoft explained that the move was prompted by security concerns.

Excerpt from InfoWorld:

“Because Microsoft takes its commitment to help protect the entire Windows ecosystem seriously, we’re updating the IE7 installation experience to make it available as broadly as possible to all Windows users,” said Steve Reynolds, an IE program manager, on a Microsoft company blog in early,” said Steve Reynolds, an IE program manager.

Web metrics gathered by Net Applications during December 2007 shows that IE6 accounted for 35 percent of the browsers that visited some 40,000 monitored sites....




   在數周之後,微軟會通過Windows update推送最新的IE瀏覽器版本。如果用戶已經配置了WSUS自動更新服務,那麼在2月12日之後,IE7的安裝過程將自動完成。據微軟表示,他們 必須對IE6採取行動。事實上,現在全世界每3台正在工作的電腦中,有一台就是工作于IE6瀏覽器。據網站檢測公司對40000個網絡用戶進行監測的結果 顯示,截至到2007年12月,仍有35%的機器在運行IE6瀏覽器。...


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