2006 Branded DRAM Module Revenue Ranking Survey

The DRAM output growth rate in 2006 reached 53.2% only, where the annual ASP of the DDR2 667 64Mx8 stood at USD5.47. Even the eTT chips hit USD4.59. Amid the strong earnings, DRAM venders were able to acquire the CAPEX for the 12" fabs and the transition to the 70nm manufacturing process.

Following the survey conducted in 2006, DRAMeXchange has compiled a new Own Brand DRAM Module Revenue Ranking in 2007. As each DRAM module company conducts different business operations, such as Flash, OEM and other peripherals, DRAMeXchange arranged the ranking list, in terms of the own brand memory module annual sales revenue.

Our survey includes the various mainstream brand names, where their total sales revenue exceeds USD 6.3 billion. The Top 10 memory module makers accounted for 57.47% of the sales, while the Top 20 took up 73.40%.



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