SingTel Singapore Grand Prix

ace Date 28 September 2008
Milestones • Asia’s first F1 street race
• First night-race in F1 history*
*subject to approval by FIA
Number of Laps 61 (estimated)
Circuit Length 5.067 km
Race Direction Anti-clockwise
Number of Turns 24 turns, consisting of 14 left and 10 right turns
Maximum Speed • In excess of 300kph along Raffles Boulevard
• Between 250 and 300kph on Pit Straight, St Andrews Road and Esplanade Drive
Slowest Corners 80 - 100 kph at T3, T10, T11, T15, T19 and T20
Overtaking Opportunities • Turn 1 Pit Straight,
• Turn 7 Raffles Boulevard
• Turn 15 Esplanade Drive


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