The World archipelago

群島(The World archipelago),是一系列形狀為地球各大洲的人工島嶼,位於杜拜海岸以外建造,這項工程是由同樣位於杜拜的棕櫚群島啟發,世界群島由250至300個小型私人島嶼組成,分為四個級別私人屋宇、屋村、度假區以及社群島;整項工程預計於2008年完成

該群島中每個小島面積從250,000至900,000平方英尺(23,226至83,613平方公尺)不等,島間由50到100公尺的水域隔閡。 世界群島的覆蓋範圍長9公里,寬6公里,由橢圓形的防波堤包圍,前往該群島的唯一途徑是小艇或直升機。每座小島的建築費用約為兩千五百萬美元。

該群島由 Nakheel 公司承建及擁有。

群島離珠美菈海岸4.1公哩,鄰近珠美菈棕櫚島,位於阿拉伯聯合大公國杜拜的阿拉伯塔及拉西德港之間。...Each island ranges from 23,000 m² to 84,000 m² (250,000–900,000 square feet or 5.7–21 acres) in size, with 50–100 m of water between each island. The development will cover an area of 9 km in length and 6 km in width, surrounded by an oval breakwater. The only means of transport between the islands will be by boat and helicopter. Prices for the islands will range from $15-45 million (USD). The average price for an island will be around $25 million (USD). Dredging started in 2004 and as of March of 2007 The World is around 90% complete....


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