China Airlines Flight 006

China Airlines Flight 006 is a daily non-stop flight departing from Taipei at 4:40 pm and arriving in Los Angeles at 1:25pm local time. On February 19, 1985, it was involved in an incident that caused two serious injuries and substantial damage to the aircraft. After ten hours of flight the Boeing 747SP-09 lost power in one of its four engines. Although they had several minutes to do so, the pilots failed to adjust the controls to counteract the asymmetric thrust due to the failed engine. The aircraft eventually rolled over and plunged 30,000 ft (9,100 m), experiencing high speeds and very high forces. The pilots recovered control and diverted to San Francisco....

11985 年2月19日,當災難發生時,中華航空006號班機正接近加州海岸。一連串小故障造成飛機引擎失靈,飛機於是失速,直往太平洋墜落。強烈的G力讓機組員跟 乘客難受不已,起落架門毀壞,飛機的部分尾翼斷裂,連降落所需的液壓燃料都流失;整架飛機在雲層裡翻滾,機組員連上下左右都無法分辨。短短兩分鐘,006 號班機下墜了三萬呎,相當於九公里,就在飛機穿過雲層之際,機組員看見了地平線,緊急把飛機拉平,讓飛機不再劇烈翻滾。在液壓燃料流失,機尾破裂的情況 下,機長還是順利讓飛機平安降落,獲得乘客一致讚賞。然而經過美國國家運輸安全委員會的調查,順利讓飛機降落的機組員,也是這起事件的肇禍者,他們犯下的 錯誤,差點釀成悲劇。


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